Silon means technology. Systems means process.

These terms describe our Company's philosophy.

Technology: because it's our vocation; it means modernity, future, progress, development and involves practicity and efficiency. Silon focuses on technology for the emotion of creating modern and simple solutions, and for our customers satisfaction thanks to the exceptional value we provide.

Process: as we can only improve what can be measured, and to be measured it must be repeatable. Total quality and continuous improvement are only achievable under the perspective of something predictable and process wide quantifiable. To us, Systems means technologically business oriented processes and strategies assuring the continuous development and improvement of our products and services.

Silon Systems was born with this approach in 2003 aiming to bring technology and value to businesses in a global market, with the mission of enriching people's lives through technological improvements in processes to save time and money, and with the clear intention of creating strategic value for companies, shareholders and customers.

Human values and principles lead our initiatives; experience and corporate vision are pushing them into real and successful projects.

Silon Systems' enthusiastic team creates worthy technology that helps people.